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1Opportunity Empty Opportunity on Wed Jul 13, 2011 1:05 pm


Hello all,

I am writing to you all to discuss a great opportunity for all of you. Currently I have been working along with my partner on a new site one that will bring gamers of all backgrounds together. We are currently building a social network for games entitled Gamers Alliance where this network will be different then say Facebook and Twitter will make all the difference.By tailoring our site to one of the largest and seemingly ignore genres we believe we can reach a market that hasn't fully been tapped. The game industry as seen a huge grown over the last few years even with economic issues here in the US. From free to play game models on pc to map packs on counsels every area of the game industry has seen growth.

Features, we are currently working on features that are not only new but are innovate to any social network. That offer users reasons to come back over and over as well as centralise a lot of their web time to one site increasing recurring traffic as well as new users.

Feature Highlights

One feature will be a tournament style brackets where clans or guilds can set them up for the world to see. See real time ranks as guilds move up until the winner is decided!

We are working on feed streams, to highlight ones achievements in the games and platforms that matter most.

There will also be a marketplace for those wishing to sell or trade there used games and other accessory in order to fuel the drive.

Blog area as well as blog inporting. For those that run a blog on Wordpress,Blogger or any other popular site there will be a feature to move your site over to your Gamers Alliance account. This gives you the ability to share with thousands of members in our general chat area as well as a direct link from your profile page.

Built in games, unlike current games on sites like face book the games we will be focusing on are more action based games that doesn't require you to blow a field or build a city but rather have a shoot out with other users and or games that involve real players.

As well as a intergrated voice chat for those wishing to talk to others live about anything they wish or even use it to set up events with there guilds/clans.

What we are looking for currently is advertisers looking looking to get in on the ground floor and sign up for advertising before sites launch. For those looking in to get in on the ground floor will receive a special discount advertising rate for the first 3 months.

We are also looking for donations, as we continue to grow with Gamers Alliance as well as we are focused on bring the gaming community new and innovative features that are built around them.

Opportunity Bigfootzbanner

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