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The Intercooler Games Fundraiser

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The Intercooler Games Mission Statement

The Intercooler Games was created with one goal in mind. We create games people would want to play. We aim to provide games that are interactive and enjoyable for all players. Adding features that allow players to connect together as well as have an option to play alone if they wish.

About: The Intercooler GamesAt The Intercooler Games, we are currently in the midst of developing our latest game, Revelade Revolution. We are very close to getting to BETA Testing. Revelade Revolution has had such a success while the game was in Alpha testing that we are moving forward to our first BETA test soon. However, we are now at a point in development we are reaching a stand still for the moment. In order for the game to move forward and to add all the features and content we are planning for the game, we need to raise funds. We are still in the process of setting up a server for game hosting, a proper website for our users to use as well, also be able to implement our activity stream for players and users to view. But without enough funding, we are in need of your help. The donations will help assist in bringing all the features to the game closer to BETA Testing.

The Game: Revelade Revolution As we come closer to full beta testing and then to a full release, we at The Intercooler Games, wanted to take time to reach out to our biggest supporters, the and viewers. We are reaching out to those people who have been following this game from the start and want to see it really take off. Also, we'd like to continue gaining new viewers and new people becoming interested in the games that we develop. Whether it is our current game in development, Revelade Revolution, or it is one of our other games that are currently being looked at for development. At The Intercooler Games, we want you to have the best experience of our games that will make you come back over and over.

About: Revalade RevolutionRevelade Revolution is a Classic FPS style inspired game that delivers a fast-paced Zombie Survival game on a city-sized scale. Join together with other survivors from all over the world to reclaim the city. While clearing out the city of zombie intruders, upgrade your character to be the ultimate zombie killer. Play with your clan mates and battle with other clans in the Clan Wars. Battle over territory to gain new items to keep your opponents at bay. It's time to take up arms and beat back the Zombies, once and for all.

•Key Features

•Improved AI: Bots and Monsters no longer wonder hopelessly around the maps, they can jump, climb, go through obstacles much like a player would. Monsters and Bots will do whatever necessary to get you.

•Classes: These classes are to improve overall game play and make the game stand out from all standard FPS games.

•Limitless Game Play: With all the game modes and Player versus Player features added to the game, it will keep you coming back and wanting to better your character and clan. Here are some example game play modes.

◦Infection- Players will become infected if too close to other players with in a 25 m radius. In order to be "cured" must be killed by a non infected player.

◦Survival mode - Endless waves of zombie attacks, more zombies added with each new round.

◦Improve- Keep improving your character and clan with Guts! You collect Gut Points as you rack up kills that you can use for upgrades. Such as;

■Use different abilities
■Use of Bot Support

•Online Community: As all Online games have an online community, this one is no different. Revelade Revolution delivers the same great online community as all other Online games but there is a twist. The Game website will be your standard game website and will help you understand the game better, tutorials, screenshots, and developer insights to the game. Of course, the clan recruitment will keep you in the game longer with the help of, we bring you a better way for your clan recruitment. No need to have to post on the Game website, we bring you to the site that can help you find clan members faster and easier, so you can get back to what you like to do.

•Vivid Gaming Experience: We have kept the classic game play modes that almost all FPS have. We have also added new game play modes that offer a unique experience that will keep you progressing your character and your clan.

Summary:While Revelade Revolution continues to steam towards BETA Testing, the game will continue to evolve and grow. This is why we are in need of your help, every lit bit that you can provide will help out with our goals. With every donation, every idea, and every bit of feedback during and after testing will improve the game. Rise up and take back the city from the Zombies that have destroyed it. Don't be sitting on the sidelines when the Zombie Apocalypse comes to your PC this Fall.

Visit our site for more info and screenshots of the game.

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